Lord Ernest Padraig


Stern and reserved, Lord Padraig is in his late forties. He is beginning to go grey, but not soft. He wears simple clothing of good quality and is fastidious about his appearance.


Ernest Padraig, Lord of Winterhaven, is descended from Cormyrean nobles who came north over the Thunder Peaks when Cormyr began establishing outposts on the far reaches of its borders, and who stayed after Cormyr abandoned those same outposts. Lord Padraig nor the town of Winterhaven, currently pay allegiance to any sovereignty, having been largely forgotten by the greater world. Lord Padraig assumed authority over Winterhaven seven years ago when the previous Lord Padraig, his father, died. Folks around Winterhaven are contented with his leadership. Lord Padraig commands the Winterhaven Regulars, a core group of ten soldiers who guard and keep the peace in town. He is married and has four sons between the ages of nineteen and six.

Lord Ernest Padraig

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